Rogue Survivor can be a tough game when you dont know the controls!

Here are a list of controls:

  • NumPad 1-9 - Movement: Moves your character around the world of Rogue Survivor.
  • W - Wait 1 hour. Useful for when you teammates are sleeping, to regain stamina, or you simply want the game to progress faster.
  • Shift + A - Abandon Game. Forces Game Over.
  • Shift + H - Advisor Hint. Helpful hints for begginers.
  • B - Barricade. If you have planks in your inventory, you can barricade doors.
  • K - Break Object: Allows your character to hit an object in hopes of breaking it.
  • N - Build Small Fortification
  • Ctrl + N - Build Large Fortification
  • I - City Info. Shows a city map
  • C - Close. Close doors.
  • F - Fire. Click once to target, and another time to fire.
  • G - Give
  • H - Help
  • Ctrl + H - Hint Screen
  • E - Initiate Trade
  • 1-0 - Inventory Slots
  • T - Lead. Take another survivor as a follower. You can't lead police officers.
  • Shift + L - Load Game
  • Ctrl + E - Mark Enemies
  • Shift + M - Message Log
  • Shift + O - Options. Change options like map size, number of zombies, whether zombies cna evolve, etc.
  • O - Order. Issue an order to one of your survivors.
  • P - Push. Useful for barricading.
  • Shift + Q - Quit Game. Exits to Desktop
  • R - Run: Toggles running mode. Running mode allows you move quicker but it uses up your stamina.
  • Shift + K - Redefine Keys: Allows the user to change which keys do what. Helpful for reviewing the controls and working around any buttons that don't work.
  • Shift + S - Save Game
  • Shift + N - Screenshot
  • S - Shout. To wake up other survivors.
  • Z - Sleep
  • Ctrl + S - Switch Place. Switches place with another survivor.
  • X - Use Exit. To use stairs.
  • A - Use Spray. Only when you have a spray equiped, you can use it.

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